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Former Player Wills tobacco factory on the South Circular Road, Dublin 8

A petition has been posted on Uplift, calling for affordable homes and “appropriate community facilities” to be built at the former Player Wills tobacco factory on the South Circular Road in Dublin 8.

The petition, posted by Rebecca Moynihan, says:

For over a decade now the Player Wills’ site on the South Circular Road has laid vacant. The site has been passed into the hands of NAMA with Grant Thornton appointed as receivers.

This site has the potential to have develop over 500 affordable homes with appropriate community facilities, in order to develop a sustainable community for decades to come.

The Minister for Housing should intervene to stop this land being transferred to a private equity firm and develop the site as cost rental and affordable housing to ensure that the housing needs of our citizens is met.

The petition can be read in full here


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From top: Chief Inspector of the Garda Síochána Inspectorate Mark Toland; Chair of the Policing Authority Josephine Feehily (left) and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

This morning.


The Government is to replace the Policing Authority and the Garda Inspectorate with a new oversight body, as recommended by the Commission on the Future of Policing, despite a submission to the contrary from the authority.

A new Strategic Threat Analysis Centre will also be set up to co-ordinate security and intelligence at a central government level

…The authority, which is responsible for promotions and holding the commissioner to account in public, highlighted the potential risks of such a move to garda oversight and questioned how these changes could serve the public interest and maintain the current level of transparency.

However, the minister is to press ahead with the changes that will lead to the authority’s abolition.

New intelligence unit to assess threats to State (RTE)

Previously: The Future Of An Garda Síochána


This Saturday, December 22, at The Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1

A celebration of the singer, actor and The Clash frontman on the 16th anniversary of his death.

Featuring Dubtones, The Trouble Pilgrims and El Clash Combo “plus special guests”.

ALL proceeds to The Fr Peter McVerry Trust.

Tickets here

Thanks Eugene Connolly


Warm-hearted, curtain-twitching coverage in the Irish Times (top) and the Irish Independent of the aftermath of the attempted eviction of a farmer and two siblings from their home in Strokestown, County Roscommon.

Good times.

Last Night: “The Family Has Returned Home”

This morning.

Some night, in fairness.

Travel disruption and thousands without power in stormy weather (RTÉ)

This afternoon.

Anna Kavanagh describes the latest developments from Strokestown, County Roscommon and the condition of the retired Garda injured during last week’s eviction.

Anna also reveals that solicitors acting for the family claim there was no “valid court order in place” for the farmhouse’s repossession.

Earlier: Reporting From A ‘Land Grab’

Cause And Effect

Watch: Drone footage of Roscommon incident aftermath (RTÉ)

Pic via RTE


Mari Maxwell writes:

‘A considerable presence, of Gardai have returned to the property and the family is now awaiting the arrival of a solicitor.’


8pm update:

Anna reads a prepared statement from the family.

9.30pm update:

Anna says there are now “well over 100” neighbours at the house as a ‘mark of solidarity’ to the family.

After midnight update:

Anna interviews Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice who raised the eviction in Strokestown, Co Roscommon, in the Dáil last Wednesday.

1.06am update:

Anna speaks to Jerry O’Boyle, from Mayo, who said he’s been at a number of other evictions and recalled a farmer who took his life after he was threatened with eviction.

Anna, who has been at the home for 12 hours, also says she’s been invited into the house where the eviction took place and is going to sleep there tonight.

She said she’ll report live on Facebook if “anything happens”.

“I do the WHOLE of Christmas. From climbing a rickety ladder up to the attic for the Christmas decorations, to untangling the lights, putting lights on the outside trees, buying the gifts, doing Santa on Christmas Eve (which involves going to bed at midnight, setting the alarm to get up at 3 am when I’m sure everyone’s asleep) to making ridiculous, messy “Santa” footprints with ashes from the fire (which I then have to clean up the next morning), to buying, wrapping presents.”

Ellie Byrne, Limerick

Top tip, in fairness.

‘On Christmas Eve my husband will ask what we got his mother’ (Irish Times)

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