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This  morning.

Beechpark Avenue, Castleknock Dublin.

A hearse (above) carrying the coffin of Karl Shiels, actor, director, producer and drama teacher arrives before a funeral service at at Our Lady Mother of the Church.

From top: Tony Torney; Martina Stanley (right)Nick Dunning; Pauline McLynn; Maria Oxley; Jenny Dixon and Tom neville TD; Camille O’Sullivan; Rebecca Grimes; Maclean Burke; Dave Duffy; Deirdre O’Kane and John Connors.

Funeral for actor Karl Shiels told he lived life to the full (Irish Times)

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Clare Daly of Independents4Change at the European elections count centre at the RDS in Dublin last month.

Say it ain’t so.

Clare Daly hires son of Mick Wallace as her assistant in EU office (

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Above from left:Harley Kennedy (also with Eimear Kelly pic 2-3), Donna Lawlor with papier-mâché model and Andrew MacGrath


Roslyn College, Beach Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4

Scenes from the student-run Roscon 2019, a gaming, technology, and comics convention, now into its third year, showcasing the benefits of technical advancements in education and “the positive impact of video game”.

And decent cosplay.

In fairness.


Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Ahead of Bray’s Air Display festival on July 27-28.

Jayus Kayus writes:

This was handed to me yesterday evening at Bray station. I think the organisers could have picked a better picture to illustrate their point – I suspect it is a while since either of the two biplanes in the picture killed anybody, with the possible exception of an unfortunate wing-walker.

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This morning.

The Cavan/Monaghan “area”.

Officers from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) conducted a search operation “in relation to the sale and supply of illegal drugs”.

Garda Press Office sez:

Two separate properties were searched as part of this operation. An Audi A4 car and a horsebox were seized. No arrests have been made. The CAB investigation into the ownership of real estate property is progressing

Pics: Garda Press Office




Two imitation firearms seized during raids in Dublin connected to ‘fraud related insurance ghost brokering activities’.

Name those models, anyone?

Last night.

A baby is held aloft during a rally by US President Donald Trump in Greenville, North Carolina.



One born every minute.

Protester holding photos of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein interrupts rally (The Week)

Competing Trends Emerge After Divisive Rally (Newsweek)

Pics: Getty/AFP


A bid to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump has been blocked in the US House of Representatives.

Texas Democrat Al Green filed the resolution after the House voted to denounce Mr Trump’s attacks aimed at four US congresswomen as racist.

But the measure failed to win enough support, with his fellow Democrats voting overwhelmingly against.

Donald Trump impeachment bid fails in the House (BBC)

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin speaking to the media yesterday at The Portico, Leinster House with Seanad Leader Catherine Ardagh

“I think the no-deal scenario opens up such potential economic disruption and is uncertain and cannot be foreseen, despite all of the analysis we’ve had in terms of what will happen, that I think it would be irresponsible to provoke a general election in the next number of months

…I am told the ports are not ready. Dublin Port is not ready for a no-deal Brexit, despite what you hear.

I am told by people who know the port… that mayhem will ensue.

It’s important that if a no-deal Brexit is to occur – it may not – but if it’s to occur all hands need to be on deck to make sure that the people are looked after out there, that jobs are looked after, that livelihoods are looked after and protected insofar as we possibly can.

That has to be the essential prerequisite of any political party in the country.”

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin.


Provoking a general election would be ‘irresponsible’ – Martin (Irish Times)

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

The Waterford News, December 24, 1947

Hong Kong.

We’re renovating that city.

Donncha O’Brien writes:

I am working as an architect in PMDL, an Australian architecture firm in Hong Kong. Recently we completed a project in the city.

It is a handsome renovation of an old tenement building on a prominent corner in downtown Hong Kong.

What may be of interest is that the project had  three Irish designers/architects working on it – Simon Fallon, myself and Darren Snow.

We recently collaborated with the fantastic YouTube channel Never Too Small and they produced a great short video (above) of the project starring Darren.

The project has been getting great feedback locally, and now, because of the video, is being appreciated by a wider audience. It’s currently on 407,000 views after 2.5 days of being published. We wanted to share a story of some Irish emigres done good!

In fairness.

PMDL Architects