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From top: Mr Hugh, Littel Miss Lette and Carlosfandango


Carlosfandango writes:

So many years, so many contributors, so much crap and so many giggles..

I’m so very sorry to see you go. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my hounds in this community and will miss trying to bring calm to the noise that made Broadsheet just fucking fabulous.

Well done Bodger and all. I wish you the very best in the future. No matter what yis do, I know it will be good.

Mr Hugh, Miss Lette & old man Carlosfandango.




Enniskerry, county Wicklow.

Carlosfandango writes:

‘Mr Hugh & Little Miss Lette had a lovely day yesterday up the road at the Powerscourt Car Show. We did of course bring our cushions as there’s no point in suffering. Have a great week BS contributors.’

Name that jammer, anyone?


This afternoon.

Carlosfandango writes:

Following on from the earlier ‘hot’ topic, I felt it was my duty, nay right – to further report the issues that matter.

So, here is a dog (alias Mr Hugh) laughing his bags off at all that is wrong in this world..

“Go and ask me bollix” are the words he whispered in my ear, echoing my own thoughts.

Happy Wednesday kids, damn it’s good to be alive.

Reporting LIVE from the beach.

Sandymount. Dublin. Midday.

(No cyclists, van drivers or citizen journalists were harmed – or their feelings hurt – in the production of this image)

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