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At last night’s Dublin City Council joint policing committee meeting, councillors heard:

The murder rate is falling.

Property crime is down 4%

Drug offences including cultivation (-35%), possession of sale or supply (-11%) and possession for personal use (-3%).

Violent property crime is up 2% (27 incidents)

Assaults causing harm up 12%.


Begging related offences are up 410%.

Four hundred and ten per cent.

Cllr Daithi Doolin (SF)  told the Dublin Gazette:

“What happens to people who have been arrested for begging? Are they simply locked up, then released back out again or are they put in contact with services that can help assist them?

That question wasn’t answered at the Joint Policing Committee and that was unfortunate but I think the reason is because the answer is not there.”


Begging offences shoot up by 410% (Dublin Gazette)

Dublin City Council Joint Policing Committee