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Well now we know he’s not.

Thanks to the BBC (again).

An investigation by BBC NI’s Spotlight [last night] into Sean Quinn’s empire has tracked down the headquarters of a company that controls more than $100m-worth of assets belonging to Irish taxpayers.

[Reporter] Jim Fitzpatrick travelled to Belize on the hunt for a company that has laid claim to the millions.

Mr Quinn went bankrupt in January owing 2.8bn euros to the Anglo Irish Bank.

It hoped to recover around 500m euros through sales of Quinn Group’s international property portfolio

However, the bank, now nationalised and called Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, soon discovered that it had lost control of these valuable assets.

The programme uncovers documentary evidence in Sweden which demonstrates that Sean Quinn was part of a secret boardroom coup which put him back in charge of the property empire weeks after he had been dismissed from the Quinn Group.

Watch Sean Quinn’s Missing Millions here (you may need this)

Sean Quinn Spotlight Tracks Down Company (BBC)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)