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Would you like a YEAR long membership to the Bewley’s Coffee Project?

The Bewley’s Coffee WHAT!?

“A new service for coffee lovers who will receive 12 boxes containing one unique coffee a month….”


“Bewley’s master roaster will select exceptional coffees and hand-roast them to perfection before delivering them straight to your door. In each delivery you’ll find everything you need to help your understand the world of speciality coffee, from different origins to brew methods….”


“We select our coffee based on seasonality, great stories, and uniqueness. We then hand roast it to bring out its individual flavours and nuances. Each coffee you receive has been carefully chosen to bring you on a journey through the world of coffee….”

Oh, go on then.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

Please give a year of Bewley’s Coffee Project to [name of coffee-loving friend/relative here] who deserves it because_____________________________”

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm 5pm.


Bewley’s Coffee Project

UPDATE: The winner:
“Please give a year of Bewley’s Coffee Project to my girlfriend because she works herself into the GROUND but still hasn’t got a BEAN to spend on anything other than generic supermarket coffee. Their coffee is weak and makes her LATTE for work sometimes, which is causing problems with her boss, a smug AMERICANO who thinks that the working day should be 16 hours long with no breaks. He has ESPRESSO’d his dissatisfaction with her timekeeping and if he sacks her, we can’t afford a BARRISTA to defend her case in court. Seriously though, she’s brilliant, and she loves good coffee and this would make her year.” (Custo)

Thanks all.