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host2 host132 year-old Alaskan Hostgator Dotcom aka ‘Billy The Billboard’ (formerly Billy Gibby) – who has a bipolar disorder – has ben renting out his face to porn sites and online casinos since 2007 – hosting tattoos of ‘adult entertainment’ urls on his face arms and legs, from which he’s earned $50,000 to date.

The novelty has since worn off and, since he’s finding it difficult to get work on account of his porn-dorrnments, he’s now looking to raise $4000 to have all 24 ads removed.

More pix on Hostgator’s Flickr stream.


Bi-polar Bare wherin the late PJ Richardson, a child prodigy, discusses his Bipolar condition.

Brian Stokes writes:

 I don’t know if this would be of any use to you but I did a blog post last night (see below) on a local man [Limerick] and friend who passed away following a tragic accident. The main reason I’m sending it to you is that his sister was involved in making a very short (five minute) documentary on him suffering from Bi-Polar. It’s very nice and touching and since he was so well known locally I think people who would have known PJ would appreciate watching it. Hopefully you can give the video a good airing.


In Memory Of PJ (Brian Stokes, Ismisebrian)

Made as part of the Documentary Filmmaking course in Filmbase.