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From top: Brian Murphy and Kevin Vickers Brian’s grandfather : Charles Murphy

Further to yesterday’s incident at Grangeorman Military cemetery involving the Canadian ambassador and a protestor.

Sean O’Driscoll in The Times ireland edition writes:

Brian Murphy was detained at Blanchardstown garda station and charged with using abusive or threatening behavior in a public place.

Mr Murphy told The Times Ireland edition that he did not know who the man was at the time.

I just saw this huge bloke coming at me. He complicated things in the middle of my protest. Down at the station the gardai were joking that I was lucky they rescued mefrom the Canadian Ambassador because he had quite a history,” he said.

Mr Murphy, the manager of the state funded St John Bosco centre in Drimnagh, Dublin is a grandson of Charles Murphy who fought in the 1916 Rising.

This entitled him to apply for an invite to the event through the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“I knew they would take me down, I just didn’t know how much time I would have to make the protest. The Canadian ambassador got a hold of me before the gardai did.”

Mr Murphy added that he carried out his protest because he felt that the two men convicted of killing Stephen Carroll, a PSNI officer did not get a fair trial. He also objected to the Irish government’s “apologetic” attitude toward the 1916 Rising…

Hero Ambassador Tackles Rising protestor (Sean O’Driscoll, The Times Ireland edition)

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