We Will Remember Them


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Ah now.

This morning.

Grangegorman Military Cememetery, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7

A protestor apprehended by have-a-go Canadian Ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers, a former Mountie, at the State Ceremonial event to remember the British soldiers who died during the Easter Rising, 1916.

Grangegorman Military Cemetery is where many of the soldiers are buried.

Vickers has some form.




How tall?

Kevin Vickers and President Higgins at his investiture as Canadian Ambassador to Ireland last year.

Pics: Cian O’Sullivan, Sam Boal/Rollingnews



The remix.

RadioIreland writes:

Quick, before it gets taken down because of multiple copyright infringements!

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125 thoughts on “We Will Remember Them

  1. rotide

    Was it a full moon? All the idiots out in force today.

    Not a guard in sight either for the Mr T/Moyest/Dav politburo to complain about.

    1. ForFecksSake

      There were Gardaí there and to be honest the ambassador should have left it to them to do their job. I don’t support the protester but he was not violent and was assaulted by the ambassador. He’s lucky he is an ambassador because if he was a working class person he might have been arrested.

      1. classter

        Who the fupp does the ambassador think he is?

        And why is he invited to an event commemorating British soldiers who laid waste to Dublin?

          1. classter

            He’s not the Irish ambassador nor the British ambassador.

            How many ambassadors did they invite to this festival of obsequiance?

    1. pedeyw

      Did many Black and Tans perish in the 1916 rising? It would be impressive if they did, 3 years before they were formed.

        1. Willie Banjo

          I think we all know that they weren’t around in 1916 (I saw the Michael Collins film) but if we are to celebrate British soldiers of 1916, will we be remembering those of 1919-22? Just asking.

          1. pedeyw

            In fairness, I do find it a little odd but remembrance is not the same as celebration and I’d be fairly sure the British soldiers who died in 1916 were not the same level of pyscho as the Black and Tans were.

          2. Wayne.F

            Black and Tans never operated in Dublin so perhaps Cork or somewhere else would be more suitable for a memorial

          3. Turgenev

            Wayne F, the Black and Tans were indeed posted to Dublin.

            Willie Banjo, the plan is to commemorate all who died in the War of Independence too. On the same wall, British and Irish, so the Black and Tans will be side-by-side on the wall with those they tortured to death. Like the current wall, they will no doubt be listed with their battalion and regiment, unlike the Irish who died.

            As for the British soldiers of 1916 and their level-of-psycho rating, pedeyw, look up the North King Street killings of civilians for one example, and consider the number of civilians killed generally in a battle where one side were lightly armed and fighting among their own, and the other had machine guns, artillery and modern rifles.

          4. pedeyw

            That’s fair, I hadn’t really looked into the North Kings street killings. I still don’t think remembrance and celebration are the same thing, though. Being aware that people died on both sides is not a bad thing.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      “I can imagine the smell of dirty leather and rolly tobacco off him”

      Yes, you boring conservative.

        1. realPolithicks

          Based on this and his previous comments it’s obvious what his political leanings are.

  2. JohnJoeMahockey

    To be fair though, it does seem strange to have a commemoration ceremony for members of an occupying force. Most odd.

    1. Small Wonder

      I would say it’s odd to only commemorate those who died on one side of a war. It’s like saying “We were the goodies and they were the baddies.” when they were all just people with families and dreams.

        1. Small Wonder

          Yes. Those were people who died too. People like you and me. Unless you want to dig each one up and ask them what their role in the war was. Were you a civilian? Were you as evil as Hitler? Or had you no choice in joining the army? On a scale of 1 – 10, just how blood thirsty were you?

    2. Declan

      I think the point is that the Queen when she popped over last time laid a wreath in the Garden of Remembrance for the opposing side.

      It also probably acknowledges that there were Irish men and women who opposed the revolt and fought for the British side, we tend to write them out of history

      1. Owen


        many ‘British’ soldiers were actually born in Ireland, and picked the governing, prominent site to fight with at the time.

      2. delacaravanio

        The Queen was on an official visit.

        All official visits include a visit to the garden of remembrance to lay a wreath. It has been thus since the foundation of the State.

        There was nothing unique about her actions.

    3. DubLoony

      Many of the British soldiers were Irish. Reality not so black and white as green tinted historians would have us believe.

      Its a military graveyard, some decorum should be observed.

      1. classter

        ‘Reality not so black and white as green tinted historians would have us believe.’

        Who are these ‘green tinted historians’?
        Revisionism has had the upper hand in Irish history for decades now.

        I think it is good that we have a relatively nuanced view on these sorts of matters.

        It is also worth pointing out that there is hardly another country in Europe which would hold these kind of memorials for what was, however nuanced we want to be, essentially an occupying force. I’m not sure what it says about it but it is worth pointing out.

        The Dutch don’t hold memorials for Dutch people who died fighting with the Spanish crown against Dutch independence. The English monarchy don’t attend commemorations for the Roundheads. The French don’t light candles for Frenchmen who died on Louis’ side on Bastille day. Nor for the Vichy French. Nor do the Finns commemorate those Finns who died on behalf of respective Swedish & Russian administrations in Finland.

    4. Mark Dennehy

      Would it seem stranger to you to have a commemoration ceremony for members of an army that had a huge number of Irish people in it? Or did you think that the Royal Dublin Fusiliers were from Dublin, California? Or the seven other Irish regiments that were in existence at the time?

      1. classter

        They had a gunboat in the Liffey & were firing artillery into the city centre.

        It is good to move on but ‘commemorating’ these guys specifically is f***ed in the head.

        Why not commemorate the British soldiers who died protecting food stores from starving famine victims?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Aye. Better to spend the morning at work commenting on this website instead, really.

      1. Owen

        WOW. Get the milk out lads!

        Murtles: Top comment. I was going to give you a +1, but due to the casual cynical boom dropped by Andyourpointiswhatexactly he gets my +1

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            I wouldn’t have guessed you know but nice to know there is at least another one!

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            That -1 has really hurt my ladyfeelings. I must retire to my rose-scented boudoir and cry into my lace pillow, all the while have a fit of the vapours.

          3. Rowsdower

            “Just as long as you don’t take your mood out on Jemima.”

            Jesus, every time you try and put someone down you always go towards rage, anger and domestic violence.

            Is there something you want to tell us Moyest? Would you like us to call someone? Maybe get you some help?

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Hold on a minute…
    I have this the wrong way around.

    It’s the bloke in the leather jacket is the protester?
    The photos are very misleading.
    It looks like he’s doing his best to keep the other fella from getting in the way.

  4. Willie Banjo

    I thought a member of a Bronski Beat tribute band just happened to be passing and managed to stop a flasher before he struck.

  5. Jimmy Rimmel

    The British soldier with the flag looks a bit freaked. Still his mate has a rifle. Armed British soldiers in Dublin eh?

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      Ceremonial my friend, those aren’t armed with live ammunition for obvious reasons.

  6. boggo

    what an idiot. it is completely appropriate for the british soldiers who died to be commemorated. if you ever go to Lexington Where the American war of independence started there is a touching Little memorial to a redcoat who had his head stoved in by one of the rebels.

  7. Hashtag McMór

    Which one is the protestor? The vankoff-in-the-cubicle black leather one or the “would you like a sweetie” flasher in the mac? They both look like a couple of naughty chaps…

  8. boggo

    maybe it is the bard of kilbarrack and he will regale us later via social media of his adventures over a ping of porter.

  9. Andy McGowan

    The only country to honour their occupiers. How did we become so subservient? In France I’m always astounded at the number of plaques honouring the German occupiers!

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          It’s why there are a lot of ‘unIrish’ surnames in garrison towns.

      1. classter

        What do you think the Vichy French were, DubLoony?

        How often are they commemorated?

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          I lived in Vichy for a year, no messing. Back in the 90s or something….
          I wasn’t ‘trop forte’ in the oul’ French at the time.

          But yeah, Andy McGowan…
          Those plaques were everywhere.
          -I never understood it until I came home. (The French I mean.(The language, not the people.))

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      Australia? New Zealand? All of the Americas? Africa? No, only Ireland.

      1. DubLoony

        “Australia? New Zealand? ”
        Seriously? Maybe its because the colonists are still effectively in charge, almost wiping out the indigenous populations there.

    2. rotide

      You’ve obviously never actually been to france then.

      There are plenty of those sort of things there.

    3. Nigel

      Since we beat them in the end I’d say if you really want to hug your bitterness tight, then just think of it as being hugely condescending towards them.

  10. AssPants

    Typical of our regime…. speak out and you are boxed up…. Look at the current controversy of whistle-blowers; be it from any government organization, not just the current topical one.

    1. DubLoony

      speak out and you are boxed up – what was the protesters actually saying?
      We don’t have the full facts yet.

      1. Boj

        “The man shouted that the service was an insult to Ireland”
        That’s fair enough no?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          He was also shouting about the “Craigavon Two” ie a couple of cop killers (probably not shouting against them!)

    2. rotide

      You’re talking about the regime that is perfectly fine with you being able to call yourself ‘AssPants’ and spout all manner of drivel whenever you want?

      Yeah, totalitarian alright.

      Respect and dignity is another thing altogether.

      1. Boj

        Do you think those British soldiers gave the Irish the respect and dignity they deserved. This ‘commemoration’ is twisted. Is anyone commemorating the good Nazi lads killed during the wooah?

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Rules of the internet means anyone inciting Godwin’s Law automatically loses, even if you may have had a point.

            I don’t make the rules….Mark Zuckerberg does or something I don’t know

        1. rotide

          Actually they do Boj, that;s my point.

          Plenty of german graveyards and memorials in france.

          1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            True dat rertograde.
            …but the France I knew deserves a capital ‘F’.

            It’s a beautiful country.
            They speak the most beautiful language in the most lyrical, romantic and seductive way, but I’ve yet to meet one of them who isn’t af ucki ng self-centered and self-serving F C.
            I will ride their women, but I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a broken lift with any of them.

            BTW, they ALL speak English. They just pretend they don’t.

  11. garthicus

    That “old guy” is the Canadian Ambassador, the same guy who shot the gunman at the Canadian Parliament a couple of years ago.

    1. Owen

      Mad Ted! I had to google that.

      The Canadian Ambassador to Ireland confronted and killed a gunman suspected in the shooting death of a soldier before invading the main Parliament building. And then he then took it upon himself to take this lad on? Defo looks like the same lad.

      He needs a signal like the Batman signal, but perhaps a maple leaf.

        1. Skeptik

          +1 It’s more of this we need here, not less.
          People who are willing to stand up to the people who want to dump on our society.

  12. boggo

    bravo to the Canadian ambassador. he gave a very impressive interview to Marian Finucane a few weeks ago.

    1. Steph Pinker

      I heard that interview and he came across as humble, intelligent and appreciative of the good life he’s had, and continues to have, regarding his health, life/ work choices and his family; it was a pleasure to listen to.

  13. Baz

    Now listen scrotes and pay heed, decent hard working tax payers are tiring of your petty games.

    Wise up and start job seeking, gainful employment will remove you from your childish attention seeking angry activities.

    Loving the Canadian ambassador.

      1. The People's Hero

        Yeah but it’s the most viewed website on the planet…. Viewing this poo…


    No one seems to have noticed the gun carrying Royal Irish Regiment in the background . The regiment was founded in 1992 through the amalgamation of the Royal Irish Rangers and the Ulster Defense Regiment.

    1. rotide

      You seem not to have noticed the people who noticed it above.

      Guns are ceremonial, not loaded.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        ‘Guns are ceremonial, not loaded….

        …’not loaded’ you say…
        …people ‘noticed’ it earlier, you say…
        …’ceremonial’ you called it….
        …nothing to see there you say…

        Sounds legit.

        I accept your better judgement. Me, when I look at a gun I can’t ever tell whether it has a bullet in it or not. It could have a hundred bullets in it for all I know.

        It’s a good job they didn’t have bayonets attached to the end of those guns…oh, wait a minute…

  15. Truth in the News

    Who in government decided to organise this type of an offical commemoration
    to an occupying army in the pay of an imperial power that destroyed a large
    section of the center of Dublin in 1916 and that killed most of residents North
    King St in cold blood, this is the twisted logic that prevails in the mind of the
    revisionists, its wrong to shoot an invader that take’s and oocupies your land but
    is right for them to kill you if you defend it, the Canadian Ambassador if you can
    call him that should be booted out, what would he have done if he had a gun
    no doubt emulated his forgotten killers of North King St.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      @ Truth in the News;

      Yes, you’re right to ask that question.
      -At the same time the likes of Dublooney and Owen etc. have a very valid point.

      We can’t move forward by looking backwards.

      We ought not teach our children to hate in the indiscriminate ways of the past .

      (I know what ‘indiscriminate’ means. Don’t test me.)

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