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Judy Cecil (no stranger to the ‘sheet) writes:

Hey guys, Here’s our lot from this year, we’ve had the same group of people for the last 7 years! This year it was particularly difficult to pick a winner. Top from left: Colin Guilfoyle, Mary Guilfoyle, Mary Doorly, Judy Cecil, Orla McDermott (for the win!), Mick Skelly
Bottom from left: Fergal Byrne, Amber Dungan, Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw and Fiona Flemming. We had a blast as always.


Tinkerbell by John Nisbet


Little owl by Jane D


Catwoman by Elaine Kelly


Reppy writes:

My first try…

Carvings marked ‘Broadsheet Pumpkin Challenge’ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

In a window in Galway City tonight ( @draziraphale)

These are the ones outside my mum’s. Think they ran out of time to finish the witch. (Maria Shannon)

Hello Kitty Pumpkin (Simon Corcoran)

I don’t have much access to pumpkins so here’s an attempt at a Rastafarian pumpkin made with a melon!  (Raychel O’Connell, Martinique, Caribbean )

My headless horseman pumpkin. :-) (Niamh O’Brien)

Pumpkin challenge accepted. (Amy Carton)

My 8 bit pumpkin – ‘cos corners are hard (Piers Dillon-Scott)

Mary, Aishling, Rebecca, Johnny, Judy, Julie, Orla, Colin and Mick! Third annual pumpkin carving party complete with pumpkin pie. (Judy C)



‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme at our Halloween party in Rathmines [Dublin]. (Siobhan Sacker)

Broadsheet Pumpkin Challenge to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie