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brownbreadmixtapeposterheartonsleeve1In a cup fashioned out of an old cassette (if you don’t have your wits about you).

The legendary Brownbread Mixtape Sessions tomorrow night in the Stag’s Head, Dame Court, Dublin.

Pinching the cheeks of austerity with oven-ready satire.

AND featuring John Moynes, off the back of a surge in quality Limerick-coining, LIVE.

Sez Brownbread:

For an absolute bargain of 5 EURO you will get to hear some of the very best musicians and writers working in Ireland today! And, as if that wasn’t enough, our resident sketch comedy troupe will have some fresh, new radio style sketches for your pleasure. Plus you will receive a delicious complimentary Jameson & Ginger Ale in return for walking in the door and parting with that fiver. Or just a Ginger Ale if you are of the non-alcohol drinking persuasion. Hell yeah!




The Brownbread Mixtape Sessions