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Noah Sullivan (top) is a four-year-old boy from Waterford with Cerebral Palsy.

Last year, Noah was accepted for selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery – a procedure that treats muscle spasticity – in the USA costing €100,000.

David and Debbie Sullivan, Noah’s parents, write:

We wish to thank the media and the people of Waterford and beyond for their warm and generous support of the campaign to fund Noah’ wish to walk which has now achieved funds of 100K which allow our brave little son Noah travel to St Louis, USA, in October for life altering surgery to help him walk and fund his three years post operative physiotherapy.

Since the Noah’s wish to walk campaign was launched in January this year the people of Waterford and beyond have wholeheartedly gotten behind us and for that support we will be eternally grateful.

Above is a song & video featuring Noah’s fundraising journey by the amazing Sean Kinsella & Jennifer Hall.

Some day soon our son Noah will walk down the streets of Waterford and make us all proud of the opportunity we have collectively afforded him.

From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you.

Noah’s Wish To Walk

Thanks Ann Power

816d52_fc8f016d66a7135a6f96cb2ca29942d9.jpg_srz_400_514_85_22_0.50_1.20_0Last week, US comedian Tim Renkow (above), who has Cerebral Palsy, took an early flight from London to Dublin.

Tim was performing that night at the Stag’s Head, Dame Court, and had a pre-booked room at The Times Hostel, in nearby College Street.

Tim’s friend Susan Warren writes:

Tim approached The Times hostel at approximately 8am on Saturday and the front door was closed in his face, after assuming this was a misunderstanding (as it was so early) he returned at approximately 9am. Without giving him an opportunity to speak the reception staff claimed the hostel was full and he needed to leave.

He attempted to explain he had a room booked but before he had a chance to be heard the guards were called to remove him from their grounds as they assumed he was drunk/homeless.

At this point he was too embarrassed to fight his corner any further. He ended up having to find alternative accommodation down the road in a vulnerable state. We have attempted to contact the hostel so they can apologise directly to Tim and explain their behaviour and take some accountability.

The hostel has not answered our calls or emails [Broadsheet contacted the hostel for comment but they have yet to respond] and this has left Tim, his friends and family hurt and frustrated. I am contacting you so this may be taken seriously and support given to Tim and all other Cerebral Palsy suffers to be given fair and equal treatment. Thank you.


Tim Renkow