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From a 12-page information leaflet about cervical screening on the HSE website

This morning.

In the The Times Ireland edition.

Journalist Catherine Sanz reports that the HSE have created new information booklets to accompany smear test invitations sent out to women.

Ms Sanz reports the booklets “will contain disclaimers and illustrated explanations of why abnormalities can be missed”.

Ms Sanz reports:

The new leaflets say: “Abnormalities may be missed because the person reading your sample may miss the abnormality. This happens occasionally no matter how experienced the reader is.” They also warn that abnormalities can be missed because “they do not look much different from normal cells” and “there may be very few abnormal cells in the sample”. The leaflet adds that, because cervical cancer takes many years to develop, any abnormal cells missed in one test can be detected in the next one.

Smear test can’t rule out cervical cancer, women told (The Times Ireland edition)

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