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This afternoon.

The HSE ‘leadership team’, including recently-appointed Director General Paul Reid (above centre), raise rainbow flags to mark the beginning of “LGBT Pride Month” and to “demonstrate the HSE’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, welcoming and supportive of all of its employees”.

The event was organised by the employee support group – the HSE LGBTI + Allies Network which supports employees who identify as LGBTI to participate fully in the workforce “through bringing their entire identity into the workplace”.

Above: (from left back) Conor O’Neil, Cathy Blake, Ray Leonard, (from left centre) Brian Hassett, Michele Guerin, (from left front) Patrick Lynch, Paul Reidand Aidan Moyles members Of LGBTI+Aillies Network.

 Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Fine Gael Midlands-North-West MEP Mairead McGuinness


Independent European Election Candidate and patient rights activist Olive O’Connor.


Olive O’Connor


This morning

CC writes:

Former District Hospital Thurles. This toilet is used by patients in the mental health services day hospital. Whilst it’s highly unlikely that any of the construction staff would invade the privacy of patients, you’d think the HSE would at the very least put up some blinds or a blackout window film temporarily (€4 avg Lidl and Aldi). I don’t think it’s going to break the bank to do this…

From top: Micheál Martin in 2011; Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (right) and Minister for Health Simon Harris

Retired public healthcare worker Brian Burke writes:

It’s only April in the Health Services but The Cervical Smear Programme is in jeopardy with a waiting time of up to eight months for test results.

Why? Because Minister Harris offered repeat screenings to women last year after the CervicalCheck scandal broke. This was despite the fact that he was advised that the capacity didn’t exist.

Why is there no capacity? Because of the enormous numbers involved and that the Health Services outsourced the service and didn’t develop in-house expertise and capacity.

The new National Children’s Hospital will cost at least €1.7 billion, between €400 and €700 million over budget depending on who you believe. There was a whitewash, sorry, I mean report out yesterday. So far, I haven’t learned anything that was not already known.

Leaving aside the “management” of the project that has seen the resignation of two board members, allow me to suggest another fundamental reason for the added expense: It is being built in the wrong place.

There were two greenfield sites on offer, Connolly Hospital and Newlands Cross but the government prevaricated and eventually chose the back yard of an overextended James’ Hospital.

This brownfield site resulted in fundamental extra costs caused by A confined site Limited Access Demolition Works Excavation Works Rerouting of Utilities and that’s before you even start to build.

The Department of Health has already indicated that other capital projects will be “rescheduled” to allow for this year’s overrun of 100 million. Health Service Executive has banned recruitment.

How are service providers expected to cover for annual leave, sick leave, extra demand, not to mention natural wastage due to resignation and retirement?

This was a budgetary decision to save money. But we are only three months into the year.

Disability Services are again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. The Childrens’ Ombudsman criticised the HSE yesterday because of failures in the care system and children with autism and similar conditions are being expelled from schools because of the State’s inability or unwillingness to provide support services.

The Homeless Mental Health Team haven’t accepted referrals since last July. This is despite the fact that homeless people are at a greater risk of illness, self harm and suicide.

The National Maternity Strategy has received no new funding. The strategy was launched as a response to a spate of failures in our maternity hospitals.

The audit of Orthodontic Services for children still hasn’t been published. Evidently its with the lawyers.

Hospital trolley manufacturers continue to delight in a booming and expanding industry as the crisis continues. The count yesterday was 631, the highest this year.

In an effort to deflect from the above Minister Harris announced a plan to provide free GP care for children under 12 by 2022, three years from now. It is important to note that it’s just a plan, not costed and no consultation with GPs. But it will do as a “smoke and mirrors” exercise.

On Monday, the Taoiseach and Minister Harris launched a “Healthy Ireland Campaign”. They obviously don’t do irony or is it a warning that you better be healthy because you are in serious trouble if you get sick.

The question continues to be, what can be done?

Back in 2001 “Quality and Fairness, A Health Strategy” was launched by the then Minister for Health, Micheál Martin. It was ambitious, far-sighted, radical and what the country needed and its citizens deserved.

It promised:

“A health system that supports and empowers you, your family and community to achieve your full health potential A health system that is there when you need it, that is fair, and that you can trust A health system that encourages you to have your say, listens to you, and ensures that your views are taken into account.”

But it was very soon doomed to failure when the then Minister for Finance and future EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy failed to provide it with the necessary financial backing and it was resisted by certain vested interests.

Move forward another 16 years and we are presented with “SlainteCare” by the Oireachtas Committee on Health. Another worthy document that seems destined for failure.

Two years later, the 2019 Implementation Strategy has four goals, two of them are about saving money, one is about healthcare and the last is about implementing the other three.

Already we can see that this is being morphed into an exercise in economics with little or no patient focus.

As if this wasn’t enough “SlainteCare” has to overcome the considerable obstacles of the interests of Big Pharma/Private Health Insurance/Private Health Care Providers/Hospital Consultants and not necessarily in that order.

The reality is that for “SlainteCare” to succeed the government needs to drop an ideology that was best described as being “Closer to Boston than Berlin”. Unfortunately, given recent governments’ history when it comes to the provision of public services this is very unlikely to happen.


Yesterday: Red Flags Missed


Centric Health Primary Care Centre, Dublin

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister for Health Simon Harris TD with head of Slaintecare Laura Magahy at an announcement regarding Primary Care.


Health Minister Simon Harris was blindsided by a letter detailing a virtual recruitment freeze in the HSE.

A letter detailing a plan to stall recruitment and overtime for a three-month period was obtained by Labour Party health spokesman Alan Kelly.

The Tipperary TD said the fact the minister was not aware of the letter was “amazing”. He spoke with the minister yesterday who confirmed he was not aware of the letter.

Harris blindsided by letter freezing HSE recruitment amid ‘financial pressures’ (Independent.ie)


Paul Reid, new Director General of the HSE

The Government has announced the appointment of Paul Reid as director general of the Health Service Executive….Mr Reid is currently chief executive of Fingal County Council, a role he has occupied since 2014. He previously worked in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, as well as Eircom and Trócaire.

Mr Reid said: “The primary focus throughout my term will be the experiences of the patients and all who engage with us.”

That’s what they all say.

Fingal Council CEO Paul Reid named as new director general of HSE (RTÉ)


Cruelty level: Demonic.

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St Luke’s Hospital Kilkenny

RTE Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers reports:

The Mental Health Commission has taken the first prosecution of its kind against the Health Service Executive, under the Mental Health Act.

The case involves failures at the Department of Psychiatry in St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny.

At Kilkenny District Court today, the HSE pleaded guilty to four charges relating to conditions at the unit.

The failures were identified during an unannounced inspection at the department between 6-9 November 2018 by the commission.

Mental Health Commission takes prosecution against HSE (RTE)


Independent midwife Philomena Canning (top in 2014 with children she helped deliver) has been battling the HSE for years over indemnity cover of her practice.

Now, from her hospital bed at St Vincent’s in Dublin after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Philomena says her fight is over.

‘I’ve run out of time’: Terminally ill midwife who battled the HSE says her fight is over (Michael Clifford, irish examiner)


Yesterday morning.

St James’ Hospital, Dublin 8

Evelyn Gaynor writes:

I can’t find the right words to express how I feel right now, so I will be very mild, I’m so angry, frustrated, hungry and tired.

It’s been 20 hours since I arrived at St James hospital travelling from the doctors in Kildare with my son.

He saw a nurse at 2.30pm on Friday, he then saw another nurse at 9pm and was told a surgeon would be down to see him in 20 minutes.

It’s now nearly 9.40am on Saturday morning and this (above) is how he’s ended up, on the floor with mine and his dad’s jacket under him to help him get some sleep and to also try help him with the pain.

No trolley, not even a proper chair to sit on. I won’t mention a bed because that would be totally out of the question. Nowhere to even get a coffee or a sandwich, not even a coffee machine.

He eventually got a trolley at 7.30am this morning and at 9.45am he was given a prescription for antibiotics and told to go home and come back on Monday.

This government is an absolute disgrace, we are living in third world conditions. What have we become to allow this Government to treat us in such a demeaning way, what happened to us to have allowed them get away with this.

I pay my taxes and this is certainly not value for money. Such a shame how they have ruined a nation and turned our health system into this. This is certainly a wake up call … what a shambles.

Evelyn Gaynor (Facebook)

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