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Rare-All-Black-ChickensRare-All-Black-Chickens-1 Rare-All-Black-Chickens-2 Rare-All-Black-Chickens-3 Rare-All-Black-Chickens-4
Due to  a genetic trait known as ‘fibromelanosis‘, everything about the rare Indonesian Ayam Cemani chicken is black: plumage, beak, legs, feet, tongue, organs, bones and meat.

Everything except its blood, which is red. Very dark red.

They retail for €1,900 each.


Ernest-Goh6-670x410-620x379Ernest-Goh5-670x410-620x379 Ernest-Goh8-670x410-620x379Ernest-Goh3-670x410-620x379

Images from Singaporean photographer Ernest Goh’s new publication Cocks: The Chicken Book documenting the recondite charms of chicken pageants – focussing largely on the striking Ayam Serama breed of ornamental fowl.

Blue Steel!


echoyang1 echoyang2

One of many autonomous drawing machines (including a windup alarm clock and an old Walkman) set to work by artist and graphic designer Echo Yang.

The chicken has since received a substantial Arts Council grant.

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