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Clerk 5Ennis rapper appearing live in Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Hailing from Ennis, Co. Clare is Clerk 5, one of a host of hip-hop people to have emerged from the Clare/Limerick area to form a good part of the basis of the current hip-hop community in Ireland.

02. A quiet man online, he’s last been seen collaborating with Limerick beats don Naive Ted (and his partner Deviant), on E.P. Authority Figures.

03. The E.P. is streaming and available for free download, above, and even comes with the instrumentals if it takes your fancy.

04. On Tuesday week, he’ll be making a live appearance at the BrĂș Bar with fellow Ted collaborator Spekulativ Fiktion, with Cork cutman JusMe on the decks.

Verdict: Rapid-fire with words, and possessed of an intensity of cadence that adds to the tension in his verbiage.