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This morning.

Fred Murray writes:

TWO years ago you did a piece on my combover for cancer campaign and I’m still going strong – above is my progress. I’ve dedicated two years of my life (and love-life of course) to my Combover For Cancer Campaign.

On this 2 year milestone, if you have donated already, maybe you could share this post with someone you know who has been affected by cancer?

My pal, Fiona Cribben motivated me to take on this challenge, but sadly passed away at the start of my campaign. However, my friends and followers have kept me on track.

Thanks for keeping this baldy going!

Combover For Cancer (Go Fund Me)

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Photo: AP

…for the first time it was just so apparent how the coiffure is engineered. It’s a triple combover! Wow, just totally big sheets of babyfine hair from both sides and the back stretched and interwoven into a complex layering on the top. It really is a wonder to behold, and so utterly unconvincing as to boggle the mind.

Princess Sparkle Pony

Impressed? Now behold the überweave in glorious 1800 x 1200 Denial-o-Vision™.