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Mick McGrane writes:

We were only delighted to get a free pair of sunglasses for my nine-year-old daughter when we got her a top from Abercrombie & Fitch [in California]. Then we see the warning written in black text on a black background so I’ll type it here for those who can’t make it out in the photo

This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm” What. The. Fupp.



The WHO, on the other hand, classifies radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (the type emitted by wifi routers and cellphones) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” based on limited evidence associating cellphone use with an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer. “The conclusion means that there could be some risk,” Dr. Jonathan Samet, a medical professor at the University of Southern California and chair of the WHO panel that made the determination, explained in 2011, “and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer.”

And they’ve taken away all the public phoneboxes, Joe…

Scores of Scientists Raise Alarm About the Long-Term Health Effects of Cellphones (Mother Jones)

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[Stephen Sutton and his mother Janet on his 16th birthday]

“My heart is bursting with pride but breaking with pain for my courageous, selfless, inspirational son who passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday 14th May. The ongoing support and outpouring of love for Stephen will help greatly at this difficult time, in the same way as it helped Stephen throughout his journey. We all know he will never be forgotten, his spirit will live on, in all that he achieved and shared with so many. Love, his mom x”

Stephen Sutton: Fund-raising teenager dies after making over £3 million for charity(Independent,.co.uk)

Stephen’s Story (Facebook)

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[Garda whistleblower John Wilson on TV3’s Tonight With Vincent Browne last week]

Mr Wilson is currently in Cavan General Hospital, after having emergency surgery for bowel cancer this week. He is currently awaiting results of a biopsy.

His wife, Anne Wilson, spoke to Pat Kenny this morning about her husband and about the stress he has been under for the last number of years in relation to his efforts to reveal what he believes has been wrongdoing by some members of the gardaí.

Pat Kenny: “You’re quoted in the papers as saying the stress of the whole thing brought on the bowel cancer, is that really your belief?”

Anne Wilson: “Well Pat, there’s no history in John’s family of it, or cancer. And the amount of stress is unbelievable, what that man has gone through over the last couple of years. There’s only one other person that can understand the amount of stress and that would be Maurice McCabe. It’s unbelievable what those two men had to go through. So I’m convinced it has contributed to because stress does cause..”

Kenny: “Stress indeed is one of the factors. If you have any kind of predisposition to it, the addition of stress on top of everything else can certainly bring it on and John undoubtedly went through an awful lot of stress. Has that stress been in anyway aliviated by Minister Varadkar and, overnight, Minister Joan Burton, offering their support?”

Wilson: “Well, actually, John was having a bad day yesterday in the hospital cause they lifted them out of the bed so he was in a bit of pain and when I heard about Minister Varadkar’s statement, I got in touch with John in the hospital and he was delighted so yes it has helped. I’m delighted that Mr Varadkar came out and spoke like that..it’s just it’s taken so long.”

Kenny: “Yes, and Joan Burton said that she was speaking really for all the Labour colleagues in cabinet – that they were of one view about all of this. So there’s no doubt that Sgt McCabe and your husband, John, have certainly have a good deal of support in Cabinet.”

Wilson: “Well I have to thank Clare Daly, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, Mick Wallace, and Joan Collins – they were there from the beginning – and Padraig MacLochlainn and Mary Lou McDonald, they have been absolutely fantastic. From the very beginning, the Independents put their neck on the line and supported the Garda whistleblowers. And when the story came out first they could have sat back and just let it go, you know when we brought to their attention but they kept going and going and going. They were absolutely amazing, fighting for them.”

Kenny: “Yesterday, yet again, Commissioner Callinan refused to apologise for that ‘disgusting’ remark that he made back in January to the committee, what do you feel about that?”

Wilson: “I feel that Commissioner Callinan’s excuse now, or reason, for his ‘disgusting’ remark totally contradict the way he said it back in January. At the time in January, he didn’t mention it was the way the information was given to the public. He said it was disgusting and then he emphasised it by saying ‘personally, I think it’s disgusting’. So his comments now are totally contradicting, in my opinion, what he had said in the PAC.”

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Gilmore joins Varadkar’s call for Callinan to withdraw ‘disgusting’ comments (Irish Times)

A small scale study into the efficacy of cryoablation, where the needle-tip of a probe is frozen to -100°C and used to destroy tissue, has proved phenomenally successful in eliminating cancerous lung tumours. A treatment rather than a cure, the future potential of the technique appears bright.

The results of a study on cryoablation were presented at the 38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology in New Orleans. The treatment has passed the first round of trials known as ECLIPSE (Evaluating Cryoablation of Metastatic Lung/Pleura Tumors in Patents — Safety and Efficacy) with astonishing results.

The process was tested on 22 patients with a combined total of 36 tumors who were given 27 cryoablation treatments. At a three month follow up, all of the patients’ tumors remained dead. At six months, five of the 22 patients’ tumors were examined and found to still be dead. The research is unclear on the status of the remaining 17 patients.


(Image: “Mr Freeze’ Warner bros)