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Johnny Sexton has became embroiled in a dispute with French neurologist Dr Jean-Francois Chermann regarding his concussion record

This morning/afternoon.

Further to a withdrawn claim by a French  neurologist that he believed Ireland rugby captain Johnny Sexton had sustained around 30 concussions during his career….

“I’m a dad of three and a husband and I’m not going to go and be stupid and I’m not going to risk anything.

“I’ve had the talk with the doctors and the coaches and they’re (saying), ‘just do the right thing’. If you’re right, you’re right; if you’re not right, you’re not.

“That’s how it’s always been. I’ve never ever felt any pressure to play after a knock on the head.”

Johnny Sexton, this morning.

He then walked into a lamppost.

I’m not going to take any stupid risks – Sexton (RTÉ)

Yesterday: Johnny Sexton’s furious press conference statement after Wales v Ireland incident prompts ‘upsetting’ claims (Wales Live)

LucasHanahoe_004_.jpgLucas Hanahoe

“He had been drinking, excessively, prior to arriving at the apartment. [Hanahoe] suffers from blackouts after excessive drinking and does not remember anything that occurred when he got home,” his lawyer wrote in court papers last year.

The lawyer added that Hanahoe suffered six concussions when he played rugby in Ireland, which would be a part of his “intoxication blackout defence.”

Hanahoe faced 25 years behind bars, but he pleaded guilty last month to the lesser charge of criminal sex act.

‘Drunk’ bartender gets year behind bars for sex assault (New York Post)

Thanks Joshua Saul

Pic: Byron Smith