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By Popular Demand.

Janet’s Easy Paneer

You’ll need:
1.5 L of full fat milk
0.5 L of cream
I lemon or two tablespoons of rice vinegar
Cup of water
Muslin cloth (I just repurposed the baba’s)

Put a drop of water in the bottom of a big pot to stop the milk sticking, then add milk and cream, stirring bring it to the boil, drop the heat.

Add lemon juice or vinegar…I prefer the vinegar to your cup of water to dilute it.

Add in stages to your hot milk on a low heat, stir constantly and allow to curdle until the seperated water becomes a light green color. It doesn’t take long and doesn’t smell.

Place the muslin in the sieve and pour through the mixture. Then rinse the curds in the sieve and muslin under the cold tap to remove any vinegar taste.

Pull up into a ball and gently squeeze out water, twist closed and place on a wooden board, put a plate on top and a weight on top of the plate ( I just use my mortar and pestle, it weighs a tonne).

Leave for a minimum of an hour and a half, then hey presto springy paneer.

This makes about 450/470 grams.

To store put in a bowl of cold water in the fridge, it will gain about 100g of moisture so when you buy it fresh that’s extra profit for the dairy!

Pic by Janet