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A slip of note paper from Walsh’s Hotel in Maghera. Mentions of Glengarriff, Kidderminster carpets and a certain Cassie Gallagher.

Úna Minh Caomhánach tweetz:

On a mission to find where this cookery diary is from. Possibly Irish.

Watson? Fetch my opium.

Can You help Me Locate This Cookery Diary’s Owner? (Úna Minh Kavanagh)


‘Bon Bons’ which may actually  be ‘good good’ for you?

Chocolate salty balls neither salty nor choc-filled?

What fresh whipped madness is this?

TW writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but my wife, Susan Jane White, launches her first cookbook today and Saskia Vermeulen has just made a short [90 second] film [above]] about Susan’s delicious spirulina bonbons…. the original amazeballs. The book is called The Extra Virgin Kitchen and it’s v handsome, though I admit to some bias.

Susan Jane White