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A reasonably priced shared work space?

On a barge moored in Grand Canal Dock, Dublin?

Beats Karl’s den Oh go on then.

Graham Barker writes:

Recently as I tried to sneak a barge into Dublin you guys snapped me and I have to say we all had a good laugh on board. The barge has since been converted into a funky coworking space complete with conference room and bar tap. We officially ‘launched’ on Monday

Occupying an 800 square foot, state of the art barge, DoSpace provides CoWorkers with short or long term desk space in Dublin 2. With support from Waterways Ireland, sourced and refitted The Grey Owl, one of Ireland’s premier barges. The result is both an affordable solution and a quirky work environment.

Tours of the DoSpace barge can be booked via tour website [link below] . Membership plans start from €50 a month. DoSpace is giving 10% of their desk space free of charge to non-profit technology based startu​ps.


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