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Labour canvassers in Meath

The Crack Site writes:

“Here is our guide to dealing with canvassing career politicians during the election… It may be absolutely futile, but if we want politics to change we need to try something new…”

1. Whenever your doorbell rings between now and the election take a big deep breath before answering it.

2. If it is a career politician remind yourself that beneath their politician exterior there is a human being in there somewhere.

3. Avoid discussing their party’s proposals for the future. (Experience tells us these are nothing more than a hastily put together list of things that their team of marketers thinks you want to hear, and will more than likely never be acted on)

4. Ask about when they first ran for office and what drove them to it.

5. Sympathise with them as a person who is in a horrible job that would wear anyone down.

6. Encourage them to ask themselves whether the passion that drove them to start as a politician is still there, and whether or not there could be someone more suited to the job.


A guide to dealing with canvassing politicians (The Crack Site)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews