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Former Chief Administration Officer at An Garda Siochana Cyril Dunne and John Barratthead of HR at An Garda Siochana

This afternoon.

At the Disclosures Tribunal.

It has heard sections of a statement given to the tribunal by the head of HR at An Garda Siochana John Barrett.

In his statement, he said:

Prior to the commencement of the O’Higgins Commission hearings, at the conclusion of a meeting in the office of the Chief Administration Officer, Cyril Dunne, Mr Dunne asked me to remain in his office after the other attendees had left and with reference to Sergeant Maurice McCabe, said, “we are going after him in the commission”.

“My role as interlocutor/principal point of contact with Sergeant McCabe was well established at this stage and I indicated my shock and dismay that such an approach would be taken in the O’Higgins Commission.

“I was not present at any of the modules of the O’Higgins Commission but I gained some insights from Sergeant McCabe and other participants and from media coverage.

“As matters unfolded in the autumn of 2016 the collage of scenarios became clearer to me. I believe the work of the tribunal may benefit from understanding the connection between these events.”

The tribunal heard counsel for the tribunal say that Mr Dunne is denying this claim.

Readers should recall Michael Clifford, of the Irish Examiner, previously reported, in June, on Mr Barrett’s statement but the report didn’t include the identity of Mr Dunne.

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