‘We Are Going After Him In The Commission’


Former Chief Administration Officer at An Garda Siochana Cyril Dunne and John Barratthead of HR at An Garda Siochana

This afternoon.

At the Disclosures Tribunal.

It has heard sections of a statement given to the tribunal by the head of HR at An Garda Siochana John Barrett.

In his statement, he said:

Prior to the commencement of the O’Higgins Commission hearings, at the conclusion of a meeting in the office of the Chief Administration Officer, Cyril Dunne, Mr Dunne asked me to remain in his office after the other attendees had left and with reference to Sergeant Maurice McCabe, said, “we are going after him in the commission”.

“My role as interlocutor/principal point of contact with Sergeant McCabe was well established at this stage and I indicated my shock and dismay that such an approach would be taken in the O’Higgins Commission.

“I was not present at any of the modules of the O’Higgins Commission but I gained some insights from Sergeant McCabe and other participants and from media coverage.

“As matters unfolded in the autumn of 2016 the collage of scenarios became clearer to me. I believe the work of the tribunal may benefit from understanding the connection between these events.”

The tribunal heard counsel for the tribunal say that Mr Dunne is denying this claim.

Readers should recall Michael Clifford, of the Irish Examiner, previously reported, in June, on Mr Barrett’s statement but the report didn’t include the identity of Mr Dunne.

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13 thoughts on “‘We Are Going After Him In The Commission’

  1. CoderNerd

    The bit above that paragraph about making a protected disclosure to the Tanaiste at the time is interesting.
    Was it Frances Fitzgerald or Joan Burton at the time?

    The treatment of John Barrett* and Niall Kelly by AGS has a lot of similarity to McCabe’s treatment. It might be worth looking into the Public Account Committee sittings where they appear. If only for the moment they find out what was been said about them behind closed doors by the person sitting next to them.

    *Broadsheet spells his name wrongly above.

    1. Nuala Mc Namara

      Yes, the PAC attendances by Mr Barrett,etc on Oireachtas Debates transcripts re PAC very interesting as is PAC Report re same last year!

  2. Walter Ego

    Dunne must’ve forgot that John Barrett was a civilian employee and not a member of the blue mafia. The Gardai needs root and branch reform, immediately. I won’t hold my breath for it tho.

  3. realPolithicks

    I’ve said it before on here but it’s worth reiterating at this point. The police force in Ireland is a totally corrupt organization run by many very corrupt individuals, it needs to be disbanded and reformulated similar to what was done with the RUC in northern Ireland. That the people charged with enforcing the laws of the country would treat one of “their own” like this makes you wonder what they are prepared to do to ordinary citizens..Ian Bailey comes to mind. Something must be done.

    1. the bottler

      You can add in all the shysters in the Department of Justice who all appear to be suffering from memory loss!

  4. Ger Fay

    This is my first comment, this material coming out regards McCabe and Prone and Garda and DOJ is but the Entrée; Hang in there a little longer, there is far worse to come and none of them expect it. Down they will go and Criminal Courts beckon.
    Most of you now must see the lot of them are out of control and they like the System corrupt. In fact that’s why nothing was done against any member of the Garda over the points issue and the reasons are that they need the Garda corrupt. How else can they be protected from the courts unless the DPP, DOJ and Garda and all regulators are corrupt? Simple
    Trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Sorry people about the quality of this comment.It’s being done on the hoof as standing still carries a death sentence over here in Asia.

    “Arrogance is a weapon your enemy will exploit” It leads to complacency

    “If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.”
    Émile Zola

  5. GiggidyGoo

    And a Commissioner crafting a speech for a Minister. ‘Here’s what i suggest you say in the Dail’ That, to me, is a threat – the only thing we are missing is the ‘or else’. But the ‘or else’ is probably an unspoken understanding between commissioners and FFGLAB

  6. michael walsh

    The Amnesia Tribunal –
    ‘cannot remember, could not recall, could not say,’ etc and Ad infinitum
    Best one – Retired garda can’t provide statement as he’s ‘on the far side of the world’.
    Are’nt we all with this pantomime.?

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