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This afternoon.

The Duffman!



Spice Duff!

Mr Duffinator!

Double D!

The Duffmeister!

OK, Stop that.

Damien Duff confirmed as Shelbourne manager (RTÉ)

Damien Duff?


The Duffman on the blower in 2002.

Name that mini-ringer, anyone?


You may recall the maternity hospital poster (above)

ProudToBeirish writes:

Recently spotted this in the Coombe along with other Irish flags etc and cheered me up. Returned another day and noticed it was all gone. Being nosy I asked why. Apparently higher ups in the hospital made them take it down in case it offended non-Irish patients!!!! I for one am now a very offended Irish person. Political correctness gone more than mad. Shame!