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jimmyDublin sliothar-stopping legend Jimmy Grey.

He was in the wrong sport in the wrong town.

John Gallen writes

Dublin hurler, Jimmy Grey, was goalkeeper the last time they won the Leinster Hurling Final’s Bob O’Keefe Cup in 1961. He had these words to say cheerfully on [RTE’s] Six One News this evening.

“The attitude in Dublin would have been largely, be football, whether soccer, rugby or gaelic football and hurling was seen as kind of a, a culchie game. To some extent, way back. And as a consequence only one Dublin born player*, as you probably know, ever won an all Ireland medal.”

Lovely man. Being a culchie myself and from Galway, living in Dublin, I look forward to extending those 52 years a little further on Sunday.

* I have no idea who that player I should probably know was :/