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(The proposed Poolbeg incinerator by Covanta)

You may recall in March 2012, how Joe McCarthy, who blew the whistle on the e-voting machines scandal, complained to the European Commission in respect of Covanta’s proposal to build a waste incinerator at Poolbeg.

His complaint was three-fold. According to Mr McCarthy:

  • The contract for the incinerator was awarded to a company which did not bid.
  • The contract for the incinerator was almost double the size advertised.
  • The amount spent on services was over four times the amount awarded.

This morning the Irish Times reports that Dublin City Council,who has paid more than €32million to consultancy firm RPS for its services over the last ten years in relation to the proposed Poolbeg incinerator, is terminating its contract with RPS.

Olivia Kelly writes:

“Head of waste management Peadar O’Sullivan yesterday told councillors the contract with consultancy firm RPS would be terminated. The move follows the intervention of the European Commission, which found that the contract did not conform with EU law.”

While it upheld the complaint in relation to the procurement of consultancy services, it dismissed several others.”.


And ‘construction will begin early next year’.

EU complaint (Fiasco.ie)

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