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Emydex Technology to create 20 software jobs in Dublin (Irish Times, May 28, 2014)


Emydex IT position (JobBridge) this morning


ML writes:

I rang Emydex in the last hour and asked how many people are employed there. the contact person, said there were about thirty.
Given that at the time of the Times article/Job Creation announcement (top), there were 22 employees, and just eight employees later they seek a JobBridge Intern, means the announced job-creation may not be the joy it was made out to be. As to whether the internship might lead to full-time employment, I was told yes, ‘all’ the JobBridge internships they take on are with a view to a full-time position in the company. JobBridge positions? They’ve obviously indulged in the past. More than once. Is THAT what Richard Bruton was excited about?