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Emydex Technology to create 20 software jobs in Dublin (Irish Times, May 28, 2014)


Emydex IT position (JobBridge) this morning


ML writes:

I rang Emydex in the last hour and asked how many people are employed there. the contact person, said there were about thirty.
Given that at the time of the Times article/Job Creation announcement (top), there were 22 employees, and just eight employees later they seek a JobBridge Intern, means the announced job-creation may not be the joy it was made out to be. As to whether the internship might lead to full-time employment, I was told yes, ‘all’ the JobBridge internships they take on are with a view to a full-time position in the company. JobBridge positions? They’ve obviously indulged in the past. More than once. Is THAT what Richard Bruton was excited about?

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  1. phil

    Ahh that Richard fella showed up at our workplace 2 yrs ago promising 70 new jobs, not sure where he heard that because we haven’t hired any of them, we have replaced people who left for sure, but no sign of the 70 extra people

  2. nellyb

    What scandalous is Richard Bruton not forcing new companies (who are here to increase revenue via “advanced tax arrangements”) to create PAID jobs. Instead we get “a view to a full-time position in the company”. There is probation period that takes care of new hire suitability. a PAID probation.
    Slavery abolished and then re-instated. FFS.

    1. nellyb

      Essentially, the taxpayers, you and me, are paying “interns” out of the welfare budget (no matter how little we’re paying them), while the company they are donating their skills and time are watching revenue going north.
      If this is not f&cked up, I don’t know what is.

    1. Rob_G

      +1, headhunters are recruiting CS graduates fresh from university – good luck with finding a .net developer who is currently on the scratcher.

      1. K

        The only thing I can think of here is that it would be great for someone has learned a bit on their own with no formal learning or experience.
        But I doubt that’s the type of applicant they are after.

        1. Rob_G

          Probably exactly the type of thing that Jobbridge was designed for.

          This internship would give skills that would enable someone to acquire valuable skills that would earn them loads of money in the near future – definitely not one of the worst ones.

  3. Owen C

    So, a company which has previously used the Job Bridge program to create full time employment is now seeking to use the Job Bridge program again? Presumably with a view to creating full time employment. What a terrible, wicked thing.

  4. Owen C

    “Our staff say …

    I joined Emydex under the JobBridge scheme in November 2012 following a Higher Diploma in Software Development in Dublin Business School. Upon completion of the JobBridge I was kept on in a full time capacity as a Software Developer.

    I have had exposure to both Product Development and Software Support and really enjoy the varied role. What I find great about working in Emydex is the mentoring that I get from Senior Developers and also the encouragement to work on my own initiative.

    Emydex is conscious of the rapidly developing technology in this industry and the need to keep our skills up to date, working with new technologies is an element of my job which I love.”

    God, what a terrible company and a terrible internship program this is. Akin to slave labour by greedy corporate overlords etc.

    1. Serval

      As long as you don’t mind paying the wages of the staff and not receiving a dividend of the company’s profit, that’s all well and good.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      You’re missing the point.

      Burton announced jobs in May 2014, not internships. 20 of them. Only 8 extra staff are now there… and these internships. Did Burton know these 20 would be partly made up of internships? …I’d say it’s probable. That’s the point being made, nothing else.

      As far as ‘good internships’ go, it looks a good one.
      But it is still a little long at 6 months for my liking. 6 months is the absolute max these internships should be run.
      The JobBridge 18 month maximum is an absolute-no-questions-asked abuse no matter what the internship.
      My tuppence

      1. Snake

        IT is the company that puts out the news and invites the Government to comment/announce it. It is not Bruton’s fault if the company fails to generate the jobs.Having said that, they are very keen to swallow the BS spouted by companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook etcetera. For example, they announce a new datacentre and talk about hundreds of highly skilled jobs. Datacentres are populated by no more than 10 people at a time and 6 of those are cleaners. The other 4 are low skilled hardware monkeys who swap out failing devices and plug in new ones.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          ” they are very keen to swallow the BS ”

          …aye, they, TDs, pay expert advisors…. but they spout press releases.

          Wish I was an expert, seems an easy job working for a TD :)

          Hear, my main gripe is there is far too much wrong with JobBridge and it is open to abuse.

      2. Owen C

        There’s 8 extra staff so far. Another four are being advertised. And a JobBridge role that may lead to a full time role. And its another three months til they get to the 18 months. Perhaps we should give them til the end of the year before we make a judgement on the success or failure of the “20 jobs”?

      1. Rob_G

        Impressive, indeed – probably because he did an internship that gave him the required experience

          1. Snake

            Because you get the experience. Opening reqs at this time is very difficult and even though a Dev team would like to get a new req they are prevented by head office so getting someone on a job bridge will ensure that the team gets the extra body it needs, the intern gets the valuable (priceless?) experience and 6 months down the line, the conversation about opening a fulltime position is a LOT easier. For those 6 months though, the intern will not be contributing a whole lot to the company, in fact, they probably be taking up time from a more senior person in training and mentoring.

            This scheme helps employ people that would not otherwise be employable. What Jobbridge should not be used for is unskilled positions.

          2. Owen C

            Experience is no different to education – it will be a value to the holder, make their CV look more appealing to potential employers, and potentially get them a full time salaried job. Given that we pay for education and put in so much unpaid work in terms of study, why is the idea of an unpaid internship in return for experience so terrible in some people’s eyes?

          3. dereviled

            So… the intern will be working.
            Actually doing stuff that somebody should be paid for.
            I can understand internships for politicking, PR or marketing, but these are the kind of jobs I (and many others) depended on to pay my way through college and to pay to live and pay my debts after college.
            There are now 20,000 unpaid workers on this scheme.
            Working, not on the dole.
            Even apprentices get paid.

          4. Lilly

            Everyone deserves to get paid for getting out of bed and showing up at work each morning. End of. JobBridge is just exploitative horsesh*t which, apart from anything, discriminates against those who can’t afford to work for nothing. If companies want to try people out, put them on paid probation for six months. I would never want to work for a company dodgy enough to participate in slavery by another name. Chancers.

  5. jungleman

    Jobbridge interns are not employees and cannot avail of employment legislation. So it’s pretty disingenuous to refer to them as “jobs”. Last year bruton was bragging about 58,000 jobs created by government. These stats were seemingly based on the reduction in the number of people on the live register. When you enter a jobbridge internship you are removed from the live register. So it would appear he was counting all jobbridge posts to prop up the employment figures.

    1. Kieran NYC

      +1 it’s time to start winding down JobBridge and bringing the ‘available for employment’ population up to an accurate level again.

      Might mean the unemployment rate stays the same for a while, but time to bite the bullet.

  6. Buzz

    Get a job that pays a living wage. Because you’re worth it. Screw these companies who want to use and abuse you, and by extension the taxpayer. Be gone sh*tty JobBridge.

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