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The title alone should have you literally dry heaving.

Breen, White and Gold.

But wait.

Cormac Sheedy Carrol writes:

“Breen, White & Gold” burst into existance the second Ireland qualified for Euro 2012…We had just begun pondering how we could possibly get ourselves over to Poland/Ukraine, when there was a great big bang and the ground beneath us shook as we heard the voice of Gary Breen proclaim:- “Your are the chosen lads! You must lead the people of Ireland in song.”
“We said: “We’d love to do that Gary Breen, but how will we get ourselves over to Poland/Ukraine? We’ve no moneys!” “Make the song lads, and all the rest will take care of itself,” he replied.  So here we are.

Well, if you promise it was really Gary Breen?

Go on, you scamps.