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A high school classroom in Hubei province where students cramming for their Gaokao (national college entrance exams) are hooked up to IV drips of amino acids.

Mr. Xia, director of Office of Academic Affairs, said that what is delivered to the students intravenously is nothing but amino acids to restore their health.

“The state grants a 10-yuan subsidy for amino acids to each graduating senior that will participate in the gao kao (National College Entrance Exam). Any student that feels not well can go to the infirmary and take amino acids on the IV drip,” Mr. Xia explained. He said that some students had been below par recently due to the sudden weather changes in the city of Xiaogan, and the school infirmary had been packed with students. In order to spare students the trouble of running back and forth between the infirmary and the classroom and save their time, the school decided to arrange IV drip sessions right in the classroom.

You think you have your study technique down? You got nothing. Nothing.

An entire class of high school students receive IV drips while cramming for exams (Ministry of Tofu)