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aeroxtopdesign-640x457 aeroxdesign-640x457

The Aero-X is a hoverbike capable of flying up to 3m off the ground at 60km/h. The concept has been in development for some years (the second piece of footage above is of an earlier 2012 prototype) but developer/manufacturer Aerofex plans to release a more streamlined design sometime in 2017 for around $85,000.

Naturally, you can pre-order.

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gauly89 sez:

Meet John Smith, current Toronto, CA resident and Leinster Rugby’s biggest fan. John has been a passionate supporter of Leinster Rugby all his life. Currently pursuing a better life for himself in Canada, John made this video to demonstrate his love for Leinster Rugby in an effort to get home for Leinster’s crucial Heineken Cup tie against Northampton Saints in the Aviva Stadium on December 14th.


(Thanks Fiona O’Donovan)