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Borussia Dortmund’s rather brilliant anti-Nazi promo. To wit:

We at BVB make our position unequivocally clear. We will not tolerate any far-right disposition in our stadium. Intimidation and discrimination have no place at our ground. Should anyone have the misguided belief that they can misuse our sport and Borussia Dortmund to spread their inhumane propaganda, then they should be in no doubt: The schwarzgelb family will stand firm against them! It is the only way we can rid our stadia of such attitudes. Nazis and football do not go together!


Mad starey eyes. Teutonic tailoring. Nazi hair.

It must be the press conference for the ludicrous ‘Europe For Freedom And Democracy’ group [in The Shelbourne Hotel this afternoon]. Present were, top from left: Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Danish MEP and Irish Times contributor Morten Messchersmidt, Paul Nuttall (MEP, UKIP) and Finnish MEP Sampo Terho; second pic: Farage and¬†Messchersmidt; Farage again;¬†EFD press officer Hermann Kelly, and assistant to MEP Roger Helmer, Francesca Salierno.

Racial tolerance, sensitivity, rationality, etc. (out of picture).

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

Gavan Titley writes:

The Irish Times has an op-ed piece today by the Danish MEP Morten Messerschmidt (above), arguing for a No vote in the upcoming fiscal treaty referendum. Who is he?

Well, The Irish Times gives his byline as: ‘Morten Messerschmidt is a Danish MEP and a member of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament. He won his seat in the 2009 European election with 284,500 votes.’

This is very similar to his Wikipedia entry in English: ‘Morten Messerschmidt (born 13 November 1980) LL.M., is member of the European Parliament for the Danish People’s Party. He won his seat in a landslide in the 2009 elections with 284,500 personal votes.’

The crucial difference, of course, is that the IT byline omits his membership of the Danish People’s Party. Morten, of course, is not as bashful. Here he is expressing his affinity with Geert Wilders in a news clip concerning the ‘fear and anxiety’ that the DPP stokes among ‘Danish immigrants’. Starts at 1.40.


The Irish Times publishes Morten Messerschmidt (Gavan Titley, Storify)

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