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‘Girls who lift’.

For men who grunt.

A glistening, bare-midriffed, bottom-absorbed promo for Flyefit gyms Ireland.

Clare Connolly writes:

I don’t work for any gym. I train in gyms. And this is a new, pretty abhorrent trend  In the light of the Protein World Beach Body campaign, and the increased intolerance amongst women of the idealised female body,  I posted the below reply about their [Flyefit’s] call for equality earlier. They didn’t like my comment though, so they deleted it. Why? I do not know.

‘We await their lycred ballsack slomos of oiled up guys.
Because that’s what lifting is all about, right?’

Update: Clean And No Jerks


proxyToday’s Belfast Telegraph

“No wonder so few women enter politics if one of our major newspapers insists on treating these talented, articulate women as if they were competing for the Rose of Tralee, rather than parliament….”

Siobhan Fenton.

Rating female politicians’ appearance is demeaning sexism from Belfast Telegraph (Slugger O’Toole)