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Minister for Education Joe McHugh

This morning.

The Minister for Education Joe McHugh announced that Leaving Cert students studying languages will receive full marks for the oral section of exams that were due to be held in Irish and modern European languages.

The oral exams were due to begin on March 23 but have now been cancelled.

Students will also get full marks for their oral exams in Leaving Cert Irish and French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese; practical performance tests in Leaving Cert Music; practical performance tests in Junior Cert Music and Home Economics.

Journalist Richard Chambers, of Virgin Media News, asked Mr McHugh, in light of the move, if students will still be able to change their exam level, lending to gaining more points, and he said no, explaining:

“To be very clear, we’re going to get rid of all that excitement around that. That won’t happen because you’re correct in saying, on the morning of the exam, people can make the change. Normally I think it’s about 10% go from higher to lower and there is a small cohort that go from ordinary level to higher level, but the people made the decision.

“The CAO has that decision, that’s the one that stays, where they’ve indicated their preference for higher or ordinary, that’s the one that sticks. So that option is not there.”

Watch the press conference back in full here

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