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A tweet by Fine Gael TD Noel Rock in February

Newly elected TD Fine Gael was a Dublin City Councillor prior to him winning his seat in the Dáil on February 26.

He won his Dublin City Council seat in June 2014.

During his campaign for his council seat, he made a ‘no expenses pledge‘, saying he wouldn’t taken any unvouched expenses as a councillor.

However, Mr Rock is now claiming all the unvouched expenses that he is entitled to as a TD.

Louisa McGrath, in the Dublin Inquirer, reports:

…Rock said by email that he is taking a different approach to expenses as a TD.

In theory, by not taking expenses as a councillor, Rock’s unclaimed money was going back into the council and therefore into the community.

But he says it was probably just being used to to pay the expenses of other councillors, and he was often approached by community groups asking if they could use some of this money.

So this time, he wrote, he is claiming all the unvouched expenses that he is entitled to as a TD and — along with the expenses claimed by Norma Sammon, his replacement on Dublin City Council — this money will go into a community fund for the north side of the city.

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