Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got


A tweet by Fine Gael TD Noel Rock in February

Newly elected TD Fine Gael was a Dublin City Councillor prior to him winning his seat in the Dáil on February 26.

He won his Dublin City Council seat in June 2014.

During his campaign for his council seat, he made a ‘no expenses pledge‘, saying he wouldn’t taken any unvouched expenses as a councillor.

However, Mr Rock is now claiming all the unvouched expenses that he is entitled to as a TD.

Louisa McGrath, in the Dublin Inquirer, reports:

…Rock said by email that he is taking a different approach to expenses as a TD.

In theory, by not taking expenses as a councillor, Rock’s unclaimed money was going back into the council and therefore into the community.

But he says it was probably just being used to to pay the expenses of other councillors, and he was often approached by community groups asking if they could use some of this money.

So this time, he wrote, he is claiming all the unvouched expenses that he is entitled to as a TD and — along with the expenses claimed by Norma Sammon, his replacement on Dublin City Council — this money will go into a community fund for the north side of the city.

Which new Dublin TDs are taking travel expenses? (Dublin Inquirer)

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27 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got

  1. Eoin

    Of course he is. Because he’s a through and through blueshirt FG youth lying parasite. He’s in now, the first FG TD returned in that constituency in 25 years, and it’s pay day now. Enjoy it while it lasts Noel cos if we go back to the polls in the coming months people will remember you rolling back on YOUR ONLY ELECTION PROMISE.

    1. ALisonT

      Read the article again Eoin. He made a promise and kept it. Now he is in a different job and has not made the same promise.
      He seems to be above board with it and is acting no differently than all the so socialists who falsely claim they only take the average wage. At least he is being up front about it.

  2. Steve

    He’s giving all the money to a community fund. This is worthy of anti FG clickbait at any opportunity why??

    1. Kieran NYC

      Because Broadsheet’s second favourite son didn’t get into the Seanad.

      Speaking of which – did we escape Mercille this week?

      We’re probably getting double LJG tomorrow and Frilly’s drivel on Friday to make up for it :(

  3. joe

    ‘i won’t take any expenses’ – the faux moralising of the rich élite who would prefer that only they alone would be rich enough to run in an election

    1. Lan

      No sorry but just no.

      I’m far from moralising “elite” but any politician willing to forgo UNVOUCHED expenses will almost always get my vote.

      It is not about blocking people who genuinely need expenses who can prove it, its about taking a value based decision that they as people do not need the money being offered.
      Ultimately taking money you have not earned, expenses are to reimburse you you do not earn it as just showing up and doing nothing entitles you to expenses, is wrong and should only be a last resort

  4. Rugbyfan

    Gravy train down there in Kildare St.
    The salaries should be graded too… First time TD, second term etc up to a maximum!

  5. Vote Rep #1

    So when the likes of SF do it it’s fine for BS but if someone from a party that Bodger doesn’t like, then it is news?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Also he’s giving it to a community fund, rather than to the Altar of St Gerry, as SF do.

  6. timble

    a TD has to certify that the expenses s/he claims are for that purpose. Eg the travel and accommodation allowance is for that purpose. Rock may be in trouble by saying he will donate them to local clubs etc.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      I was under the impression that it is like any other expenses whereby you pay it yourself, then show the receipts, then get the money back. What you do with that money is then entirely up to you.

  7. Rob_G

    The ‘using the expenses to fund community groups’ (aka ‘re-election bribe money’) is an awful cop-out, but I guess no worse than Ming’s, SF’s, or other Broadsheet luvvies’ claims of doing similar.

    1. Lan

      Really? Cos giving it to community groups is the same as putting it into the pot for your own re-election to spend on posters and other wastes of paper?

      Right so

    1. Micheál

      @topsy Did you read the article, or just the misleading title and intro? He’s not keeping the money for himself. If it was an SF TD doing this, they’d be lauded. There’s plenty to attach FG on, but this is just a bad attempt at a hatchet job.

  8. Sheik Yahbouti

    What a brave and principled stand, Mr Rock, who could fail to applaud you. I took great pleasure in NOT voting for you in my constituency, and see that I was entirely correct.

  9. jean

    He’s a relentless self publicist, has no substance whatsoever and is generally full of sh*t. BTW when he ran as a councillor, he made huge hay of ‘no expenses’ (just those two words) and only much later clarified to ‘no unvouched expenses’. Which is a pretty different thing, and still meant he got the taxpayer to pay for lots of his everyday costs.

    Also he used free Seanad postage to send out his election literature in the local elections. And then claimed that they were a “donation”. “No expenses” but no problem helping himself to stuff to fund his campaign;

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