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From top: The Irish Mail on Sunday cover at the weekend, CSO crime figures released last week and a table showing burglaries and garda station closures created by David Higgins

David Higgins, political analyst and founder of Irish Election Stats, writes:

“Last week there was a flurry of stories in the wake of the harrowing case in Tipperary, new CSO crime data and a review of Garda station closures. I was curious to see whether the data support a link between station closures and the increase in burglaries – see table above.

Half the station closures took place in the North and West of the country yet burglaries are down in those regions. Dublin (which has seen the largest increase in burglaries) only accounts for 2% of the station closures.

Something has caused a rise in burglaries, but I’m quite certain it has little to do with Garda station closures.”