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Owen Dennehy writes:

“There’s a Charity Tag Rugby Tournament on Saturday, August 23 in Greystones RFC. It’s in aid of four-year-old Gavin Glynn, who has a rare form of cancer and is currently having treatment in Texas. It’s being advertised on Facebook already but they’re trying to get the word out so people can either donate, or buy tickets for the raffle they’re doing during the day, or even enter teams in the tournament.”

SuperGav Tag Blitz

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Our Last Chance


“We are in ICU department now with Gavin. We are so happy to share some good news with everyone for a change. The Amazing Surgeon Dr Hayes Jordan and her team were able to remove both tumors from Gavin’s pelvis and also preform the HIPEC Treatment as planned.
“We had been told that Gavin’s bladder and Colon would have to be removed and he would have 2 permanent bags but when they went in they were able to get them out without touching the bladder and colon.”

John and Jayne Glynn parents of Gavin Glynn.

Good News For Gavin Glynn (TodayFM)



Siobhan Hanley writes:

“Lucas Promotions & Greystones RFC will be running a Tag Rugby Blitz on Saturday the 23rd August to raise much needed funds for Superhero Gavin…”

Tag Rugby Blitz for Gavin (Facebook)


From the Houston Police Department:

“Gavin Glynn is a brave 4-year-old boy from Ireland who recently received a special visit from Houston Police officers. A fundraiser was held in Ireland so Gavin, who has a rare form of cancer, and his family could come to Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center and receive treatment. The Garda reached out to HPD since Gavin is fascinated with anything police relate. Gavin was treated to a visit from Mounted Patrol horses Smash and Cushing and several HPD officers. Gavin was also made an honorary police officer. HPD plans to visit with Gavin and his family periodically while he is here in Houston for his treatment….”

Houston Police Department (Facebook)

Thanks John Gallen