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This morning.

South Georges Street, Dublin

A new mural to mark International Women’s Day and 1916..

Darragh writes:

Irish artist Gearoid O’Dea has installed a 35 foot street art installation inspired by the Women of 1916. The installation is on the corner of South Great George’s Street, the same location as Joe Caslin’s iconic Marriage Equality mural.

The title of Gearoid’s piece is ‘Le Chéile I Ngruaig’, which translates as ‘Together in the hair’. It features three women who each played an important role in the Easter Rising: Countess Markievicz (left), Margaret Pearse (right) and Grace Gifford-Plunkett (bottom). The piece was drawn in full colour using the mediums of colouring pencil and gouache, with a focus on meticulous detail. It was then scanned and digitally reproduced on a large scale….

Gearóid O’Dea

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews



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