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Montague Street, Dublin 2

Who is to blame?

Further to the outcry over gentrification by ‘millenials’ of Dublin city neighbourhoods.

Niamh writes:

Alright alright, ironic/artisan bakery schtick is not True Dublin enough, or whatever, blah blah, but there is a point I must make loud and clear, and ask that you, my peers, pay attention: this is NOT millennials.

Millennials are broke, indebted, and over-educated victims of circumstance, both terrified of never being employed, and obliged to live in decrepit, over-packed houses in order to remain within walking distance of work options. Because they can’t fuppking drive.

The generation opening bakeries and making The Happy Pear a thing are GENERATION X, or at least those who survived the cocaine blizzard of the early noughties long enough to produce Sucra and Fiachra and need somewhere hip to take the souped-up bugaboo of a Sunday morning.

So leave my poor, hungry, worthlessly qualified generation alone, ‘k?

Anyway the oul lads and oul ones of Rare Ould Dublin are the ones sitting on ex-council house goldmines, charging millenials five hundred quid a pop for a box room. They’re doing OK….


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Ultan Mashup writes:

Montague Street (Dublin 2) is not paradise. But there was no need to close the Post Office for locals and put up a bakery for the usual suspects in the locale. I thought PornDog (now closed) – also on same street – took the biscuit.

When are we going to have a debate about hipster and millennials’ gentrification in our cities?