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Photography-Alain-Delorme-Totems-2 Photography-Alain-Delorme-Totems-11 Photography-Alain-Delorme-Totems-6 Photography-Alain-Delorme-Totems-5 Photography-Alain-Delorme-Totems-4Photography-Alain-Delorme-Totems-3Totems by French photographer Alain Delorme (you may recall his rather excellent plastic bag murmurations) created during two artistic residencies in Shanghai between 2009 and 2011. Delorme sez:

I took 6000 photos to create the final series of 18 images. Using Photoshop, I increased the amount of goods to give the impression that the carrier is being engulfed … This is to represent how our obsession with consuming the ‘Made in China’ products they carry creates a kind of slavery.

See them all here.