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Jack’s back

It’s the ‘Put ‘Em Under Pressure’ episode.

Hugh Travers writes:

Only 11 days to go until Ireland’s first match in the Euros.
To whet the appetite, relive the glory days of the Charlton years in tonight’s episode of Green Is The Colour on RTE 2  at 10:25pm. Here’s a sneak preview of the players talking about Jack’s tactics.


Green is The Colour (RTE Sport)


Hugh Travers writes:

A sneak preview of ‘Green Is The Colour’ episode 2 – RTE 2 at 10:25pm tonight. In 1949, Ireland became a Republic and were the first foreign team to beat England on their home soil – Unfortunately they forgot about this and if you go to a pub quiz in England you’ll be told that it was Hungary in 1954.

Green Is The Colour (RTE 2)