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fancy a little pot?

At the Dublin Flea Christmas Market, Point Square, Dublin 1

Luke Brennan, of ‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘ fame, writes:

My mother [potter] Helena Brennan has taken  a stand in the Dublin flea-market this week. She will be there from today until Sunday.

She has just opened up a kiln after 3 months of making through the Autumn, she sent me these photos (above) of a miniature teapot she will have on sale there, along with a lot else besides. She would of course be very happy to see any Broadsheet readers there.

Helena Brennan

Dublin Flea Christmas Market

Irish-made stocking fillers to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

To mark Heritage Week

Irish potter Helena Brennan talks about her life and craft at her childhood home, now the Central Catholic Library, 74 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 at 3pm.

Helena’s son Luke (him off the telly) writes:

My grandparents eloped to marry, so my mother spent the first year of her life in a flat on Merrion Square; she’s going back to that exact house tomorrow to give a talk!

A short film by my brother Fergal will also be shown, as well as letting everyone know what happened in the 75 years since!

Helena Brennan: Her Life And Craft (Heritage Week)

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Let’s clay.

A short introduction to the working life of Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin-based potter Helena Brennan as she celebrates her 75th year with an exhibition opening tonight.

Helena’s son Luke writes:

Both my parents were potters, my mother having her first exhibition with my late father in the Irish Times gallery in 1966. My mother is still making, 50 years on, I’m glad to say her work has only got more interesting.

Her exhibition is opening this evening at the Vintage Tea Pot Gallery, Number 8 Catherdral Street, Dublin 1. we’d be happy to invite anyone interested to come along.

My brother Fergal spent the summer making a short video (above) to introduce people to her work and…


…this is  myself Fergal in 1980, appearing on “Anything Goes”, it’s worth checking out if only for Aonghus McAnally’s hair at the end. I suppose were a sort of pottery Van Trapp family…

Helena Brennan

]The Vintage Tea Pot Gallery