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This morning.

Conor writes:

There were considerable disruptions this morning on the 11:25 Dublin to Galway train departing from Heuston, where commuters were met with deafening, off key roars in carriage D.
Apparently two gangs, the Irish hens and the English stags, had been planning this musical battle for months. Dressed in an orange suit, a stag opened the English campaign with a howling rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone‘ which was met by the feather boa- wearing mother of the bride (above in aisle) with a version of ‘The Fields of Athenry’. A mass evacuation of distressed passengers took place in Portarlington. More as a I get it.

Stag ‘n’ Hen trains?



The remarkable photograph of two chickens nesting on top of four newborn puppies was sent to the Limerick Leader by John Franklin from Ballyneety, Pallasgreen.

John says their Springer Spaniel called Sally had four pups around the same time that they bought 30 broilers.

After they were born whenever Sally used to leave them for a little while two hens would come in and lie down with the pups.

[Said John]: “It was almost like they were babysitting them – taking over from Sally to give her a break. The pups, they were only a few days old at the stage, would snuggle into the broilers.”



Blended family, dude.

Feather-brained chickens babysit puppies (Donal O’Regan, Limerick leader)
Thanks Niall O’M

Free-range chicken farmer Tim McGlynn (top) of Oldcourt Hill Farm in Oldcourt, Tallaght, Dublin has been selling free-range eggs and chickens for 11 years, delivering direct to the customer’s door.

The European Union ban on ‘un-enriched’ cages for battery hens will come into force on Sunday, January 1. ‘Enriched’ cages – at 750 square cm per hen, allows the birds room to perform “natural behaviours” including nesting, roosting and scratching and provides them with perches and litter trays. Fourteen EU member states continue to keep 46 million hens in un-enriched cages. These countries will face infringement proceedings through the European Court of Justice for breaching EU law.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)