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mpmp2mppmp3A spectacular, zoomable 16GB image of the 15th century Incan ruin of Machu Picchu in Peru.

Combining 1920 individual shots taken by a small team of photographers using a robot camera, it’s the highest resolution image of the whole site ever taken.

Explore it here.

Geek off on the massive processing power, rendering and upload times here.


(Hat tip: jesustonight)

This is the 3200ft (979m) high Angel Falls in Venezuela – the world’s highest. Close by are the similarly vertiginous Dragon Falls and Cortina Falls. It’s the landscape that inspired Pixar’s Up.

AirPano have an incredible 360º hi-res interactive panorama which (if you have a half decent internet connection) you should check out this minute.

Get your vertigo on here.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to mute the audio. Pan pipes ahead. (Thanks Aaaaaaaa)