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1395082_2e2d0341Bay Lough in the Knockmealdown mountains, Co Tipperary.

Home to Ireland’s Loch Ness Monster.

Very scary Mary.

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

I was wondering if any Broadsheeters are familiar with a monster with the body of a horse, and the head of a woman, who lives in the lake of Clogheen in the Knockmealdown mountains?
This is nothing to worry about. It’s simply the ghost of a six-foot-tall local witch called Mary Hannigan, better known as ‘Petticoat Loose’ because her skirts kept coming unbuttoned.
Mary’s misdeeds during her life  included murdering her husband, killing neighbours’ cattle and randomly hitting local dairymaids with flying milking stools. It led to her spirit being condemned to empty the lake with her sewing thimble until the end of time.
When she appears (which is rare), she asks, somewhat rhetorically: ‘When will the day of judgement come?’ before disappearing back under the water.


The Legend Of Petticoat Loose

Pic via Geograph.ie