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Malcolm Walker (above), chairman and CEO of Iceland discussed the horse burger brouhaha this evening.

He told BBC’s Panorama:

“No, we don’t test for horse, we don’t test for cat or dog either”


“The Irish say there’s 0.1% horsemeat in them? Well that’s the Irish for you.”

Oh, it‘s on.

That’s right, Iceman.

We are dangerous.

Panorama Investigates


Meanwhiile, From Supermac’s:

“All beef in Supermac’s burgers is 100% Irish, fully traceable back
to the farm and DNA tested to prove that it is 100% Irish beef. The
product in question is an imported product and bears no relevance to
Supermac’s meat products which are 100% Irish.
We have been assured by our supplier that the beef that has been and
is used in Supermac’s burgers is 100% Irish.
Following the beef issue breaking two weeks ago we immediately sought
assurances from our supplier and we were guaranteed that our beef was
and is 100% Irish Beef. This was confirmed both verbally and in
writing. Written tests to verify this were also provided by our
supplier. We have already tested the product ourselves and have been
reassured that it is 100% Irish beef and we will continue to conduct
rigorous independent testing.”

Pat McDonagh, Supermac’s