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Head of Digital at the creative agency Atomic Hugh Curran

With the younger vote anyway.

As the election date brouhaha continues unabated…

Head of Digital at the creative agency Atomic in Dublin, Hugh Curran writes:

One of the great things about digital is that you can see pretty quickly what is working and what is not working. If you measure everything, you can see what is working and adjust your model and spend accordingly. Measuring effectiveness means you can tell when the best time to send and email is or when the best time to post a video to Facebook is or what piece of content is a good performer and resonates with your audience.”

The political party that gets digital right in this campaign will, I believe, see a larger percentage of younger people voting for them. By giving people the opportunity to see a message in the space where they spend most of their time, political parties will improve the opportunity to convert these people into votes.”


*Deletes Facebook account*

Get ready for the digital campaign (Hugh Curran)