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Today the state has been ordered to buy Irish Life for €1.3 billion off state-owned Irish Life & Permanent.

Last November we were told potential buyers had been scared off fearing reputational damage and fines arising from the hooky €7.2bn back-to-back loans by IL&P to Anglo.

A promised investigation by the Central Bank also posed a potential headache for our old friend Kevin Cardiff.

So, will today’s sale stop the probe?

Answers to the usual address.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


Chairman of Irish Life & Permanent John Bourke speaks with Emma McNamara on Morning Ireland, August 30 2011.

John finds himself unable to suppress a chuckle as he comments on the circumstances of Irish Times letter-writer MP MacDomhnaill – one of many people in difficulty with their mortgage repayments.

Irish Life & Permanent was effectively nationalised in 2011, receiving €3.8bn of state funds.